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Father died back in September and I have a question about his mortgage loan &personal question.....? related questions

  • 1Father died back in September and I have a question about his mortgage loan &personal question.....?

    My father died in September and the bank called in the loan that was in the house because he owed much more to note what the house / property is worth .... One of my questions is my half sister that my father left half of the house is claiming his lawyer told him that by law the bank has to keep sure my father was the first time I originally took out the loan to pay the loan if he died even if he does not pay fees (which he did - my brother had to force him into bankruptcy a decade ago to pay what was behind it otherwise would have lost the house), because it is said ACT since banks began to make mortgage loans in late 1940 / early 1950. Then she said her lawyer said that since my father was an old man when the original loan was with Washington Mutual, that his being an older person also makes it LAW that banks must carry insurance to pay the mortgage even if lost payments. Then you think of another story that his lawyer had said that when Obama new mortgage laws implemented, also left the law for banks that made home loans for senior citizens must pay for the insurance on the loan, even if payments and have lost even die during the term of the loan or if you have a loan modification is in the works or even if you die while the house is in foreclosure and has not been sold yet. My brothther (the other person my dad left the house) is done with the house and wants nothing to do with the house and we are both in the process of finding a new home before moving to the bank sends the 30 days notice to vacate the house. My sister at first was going to move to another house with her boyfriend, but now due to his lawyer (which I think is paying a very bad advice and I do not know anything about mortgage laws in Texas), said that no move out because the house is paid because (according to his lawyer), and if the bank (CHASE WASHINGTON MUTUAL now since merged with them) do not have to

  • 2Question about walking away from VA loan mortgage in FL?

    I hear and see so many things in the media

  • 3Loan Modification mortgage question?

    I received a loan modification from Wells Fargo a year ago. They dropped my rate from 6.75% to 4.75% (which is great). I have filed for chapter 13 and I go to my court hearing on thursday. I lost my job since my last modification but I am working again for less money. I need to try to get another modification. Is this possible, if not I need to walk away from the house and let them have it back through Bankruptcy.

  • 4Father died recently, do I need a lawyer to help me?

    My father died a few days ago. I'm 19 going to college on a scholarship, with just a part time job at fedex. I have to handle everything that my father left behind. My mother simply doesnt know anything about anything. My parents filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy, and my father owns land in colorado. And of course theres the other things that I have to deal with such as the mortgage, insurances, general bills, vehicles, etc. Do I need a lawyer to help me sort out all of this? What would that cost me? Do they require a lump sum payment, before or after their service??? Any other advice would be much appriciated.

  • 5Legal question: My father was terminated from his employement today. Do you think he has recourse?

    One of the items listed against him was that his house did not meet city codes. This was given told to him in a write up several months ago, as well as, city codes violations being issued to him (he worked for the city.) Over the past several months he did the upgrades needed to meet city codes at great financial strain, they fine you if the work isn't done in x number of days. Anyways, after meeting the city codes they now proceeded to terminated him today. He was an employee of over 20 years. Serving as the director of his department. We know that the real reason behind the termination was personal, however, that would be hard to prove. So staying with the termination itself, can you be terminated for the condition of your personal property and/or the financial state that you are in. I know you cannot be terminated for filing bankruptcy. So can you be fired for being poor?

  • 6My father in laws back was broken in a car accident, the hospital he was taken to sent him home. can he sue?

    my father had a car accident . it was not his fault that he was sitting in the back seat . took him to the hospital he told him it was okay just to be in pain for a few days . and needless to say the next day I was at home and one of his ribs appeared so we ended up going to another hospital where he was diagnosed with a broken back . Can you sue the first hospital to send him home with a broken back ?

  • 7Mortgage, Quitclaim Deed, Bankruptcy Question?

    My boyfriend and I bought a house in July 2007 . Broke in October 2007 and March 2008 , had signed a quitclaim deed remove my interest in the property . However I am still in the mortgage and housing market crashed and we have the equity to refinance . I'm thinking about filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy , and wonder if their property is in danger ( even though I have no more rights house ) . Will this affect his credit, as well ?

  • 8A question for Dachshund owners concerning back injuries?

    I have a female long haired miniature Dachshund. I wonder what methods Dachshund owners use to prevent back injuries in dogs. Here are some more details on mine. I own a Dachshund by accident. Our city does not have leash laws. Doxie I have it in my head that I was going to be its owner. She doggedly pursued this goal until a cold night I was scratching at the door and whining. I had never heard him complain before, so I let into my point of this story is that I know nothing at all about his family history if their ancestors had more back problems than a Dachshund usual. I know that diet plays an important role. Fortunately, it is almost self-regulation in this regard. She is a picky eater and the amount of food you eat seems to go by the amount of exercise you can. If she gets some exercise that day she will eat very little food. In the days when she gets a lot of exercise eating more food, but not too much. I think I'm lucky because she has not finished eating is not going to be overweight. My problem with it is the jump and jump. I'm still amazed at how high you can jump or Doxie where they will try to jump. Right now his favorite place in our house is on the top of my Big Man recliner lane, where it has a good view of everything and occasionally can lick my head. She just stays there when I'm in the chair and not let you jump. I think I've trained to do so. My problem with the jump and fall occurs when you are exercising. She loves all dogs that bigger is better. Small dogs are sometimes a little hard on her and not much in the way of controlling the dogs are in the yard and no leash laws and dogs who come tend to have excellent personalities.My house is a magnet for the lost creatures. In training. When you talk to her correct in a calm voice using short words and I have had some luck with hand signals. When I say it does not get this look really guilty in her face and she stops immediately if you praise misbehavior. I could not be angry with her, even if I tried. I have plenty of time to work with it as I am disabled and retired. Here's the really fun part. I used to not like Dachshunds and had no use at all for a housedog. Now I have two. I have a dog that once scratched by accident and I let out a loud

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  • 11Personal statement question?

    does my personal statement has to do with my career ?

  • 12VA Loan Question for Self Employed?

    My husband and I are hoping to make a home purchase in the coming months and I have some questions and concerns about VA loan eligibility . A little history : My husband is a veteran of 10 years from the time of the Gulf War . He is 50 % disabled , and is currently in the VA vocational rehabilitation program and is attending college full time. His VA disability payments are around $ 920.00 per month . Which is easily documented income , but not much . My husband and I own our own business , and the company DBA appears under my name . However, both work for our company . In recent years , I have