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QShould I hire a lawyer if I was in car accident?

Car Accident ? Me and my 4 year old was rear ended in a car accident . The person who hit me was going at least 45 mph. I went to my personal doctor about a week later because I felt a little pain in the neck and back. My daughter did not have any lesions . But the point is not to hire a lawyer and the insurance company want me to sign a release of medical records , I can give you a limited edition of only files related to the car accident ? Also should I hire a lawyer? To add the person who hit me insurance company has the same as me .

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#1LouisAnswered at 2013-04-18 17:26:27
find your own attorney. The lawyer for the insurance company is there to protect people who pay ... the insurance company . you must hire your own way to act on their interests .
#2randijoAnswered at 2014-04-22 03:28:44
You may have the same parent insurance company, but you each have your own agent and your own policy. You were injured, and are asking the insurance to compensate you for those injuries. It is common for them to want to see your medical records to make sure they are paying for injuries resulting from the accident, and not some other bill you are trying to slip in.

As to getting an attorney, yes, assuming you want to give typically a third of whatever compensation you get to an attorney, and have it take much longer than it should.

If it were me, I'd give them the release, get compensated for my losses, and move on, but it's your choice.
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Should I hire a lawyer if I was in car accident?

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