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QWhat do you do? I need some serious advice for my father?

I asked this yeaterday but did not get many answers . must not have been many here . $ 4,000 was taken from my house yesterday morning parents . I had it in a safe that Walmart bought under his bed. He said he kept the keys on the key ring that stays with him at all times . He has been having a lot of trouble with my sister who is 16 . She has stolen his car , hanging out with the wrong people ( addicts ) and smoking marijuana itself. The last time he stole the car , she was caught with a 20 year old guy in the car with her and she had been drinking . You can not call the police because bankruptcy is doing and if he had reported the money , could return to its bankruptcy . The house was open and no force entry into the safe. I told him there is not much the police could do anyway since the house was locked and no entry into force of the safe and they do not want to put my sister through it . He says he has no idea how anybody could have done it . I said I had to start saving your money in the bank and have to start closing the house , but other than that , he just got out of that money and have to go through it , since your bankruptcy , not can call the police because they have to report that he had that amount of money saved . What do you think ? I do not know whatelse to say. Could you provide some tips to help .


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What do you do? I need some serious advice for my father?

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