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  • 1How much is it worth?

  • 2Is it worth the 2nd time around?

    I delared bankruptcy before and it just passed the year mark Secen . I'm drowning in debt due to many many unexpected things in recent years and wondered how bad , I mean really bad, it will affect my credit if states again? Should I? It would at least stop the phone calls .

  • 3How much is my injury worth?

    So far, I'm told by an orthopedic specialist that I have a compression fracture in my lower spine. The cause was an auto accident. I was a trucker with Schneider National. I drove as a team with another driver. I was asleep in the bunk, as my partner was driving, when a pickup truck went left of center and hit us nearly head on. We were both traveling at 65 MPH. We managed to escape before our semi burned to the ground in a matter of minutes. Two of the four occupants in the pickup truck were killed. We lost all of our personal property in the semi, of which $3,000 worth was mine. The other party only carried a $20,000 auto insurance policy, both property and bodily injury. Schneider National is taking most of it with a $150,000 claim. I currently have a worker's comp. attorney, but I don't have any idea what sort of settlement will be reached at this point. My back pain has been consistent for the past 6 months and seems to be worsening.

  • 4How much is my totaled car worth?

    I was in an accident on Tuesday night and my car was declared a total loss . Does anyone know how much I should save for a deal ? Do they take into account what you still owe on the car ? Here is the information about my car , Chrysler 300M 202,000 miles History of the Blue Leather Interior | Nothing special, but I've never had to have a major repair works perfectly . I still owe $ 1,500 in it and have a $ 500 deductible . Any help would be great THANKS

  • 5What is the Aggregate Net Worth of USA?

    How wealthy are we? Quantify with numbers . My guess is that we have an aggregate negative equity . We have $ 65 trillion in total liabilities of our national ledger balance : We have at least $ 5.8 billion ( in 2003) of private wealth in the assets of our national ledger balance added : 104 million times $ 55,000 median household net worth = $ 5.8 trillion The previous estimate of personal assets is incomplete , because a statistical average does not take into account our skewed ( not symmetrical about the mean ) , income distribution , where the richest percentage has a majority equity. Anyone have better data on total personal wealth in the U.S. ? If the purpose of the answer to this question is to measure poverty impending general population , affirm the richest gold treasure will escape and the responsibility rests with impoverish the masses .

  • 6How much is my claim worth?

    I was recently in a car accident . The other driver was at fault and police analysis reflects that. I have not started negotiations with its insurance agency yet, but I would like to get an idea of ​​what to ask for and expect in return . I have not had an estimate of damage yet, but the alignment and the suspension on the front tweeked . Combine that with the body and damage (assuming frame ok ) I'm not sure if it falls below the value of the car . At most , the 6000 car is worth . I have no physical injury that I've noticed. I know that , assuming responsibility not to argue , probably offer to pay for damages , but did not really think it's the rate. Besides all the inconvenience and disturbance to my life , my car will never have the same resale value now that it has been in an accident . What would be a typical solution in this case and what I argue to get the best result ?

  • 7Is it worth fixing my car?

    I was recently involved in an accident where I was parked along side the road , and the other party side swiped me . They were going so fast that they took my rear left tire off the control arm and ripped the bumper off from the left side. The other party's insurance company is calling it a total loss, and I am still waiting for their offer. I have a guy who says he'll do it at no charge , all I have to do is buy the parts . Is it worth fixing?

  • 8Do I owe more on my mortgage than its worth?

    Im a little confused on how to calculate this. We are trying to decide if we can do a chapter 13 to save our home and possibly eliminate the second mortgage . Only if we can eliminate that the first more than the house valued less . I assumed all along that where it says

  • 9Is it worth to sue....(car accident)?

    Ok, I had an accident October last year. My car was hit from behind. The person who hit me told cop that she was pushed by another car who got away....however her car did not have any damages except the license plate was bent. Ok, I got the report in the mail which said that the person who hit me was pushed by another car. I was pissed off. I have damages for $3500 Ok shortly, I was denied both from her insurance and state insurance department because the report says that it's not her fault. So I'm wondering if it worth to sue that person in the small claims court. She lives far away from me so I would have to go to the town court where she lives. I just don't want to waste my time if it's not worth it. What do you think?

  • 10Car accident. Worth it to Sue?

    About a month and a half ago , I was on my way home from work and this lady ran the stop sign at an exit ramp and hit me and totaled my car . Whiplast I suffered from it and have been in my nect treatment and tends to be very rigid . I am also possibly suffering from PTSD from the car accident . Is it worthwhile to sue for pain and suffering and mental anguish . Also I could not work because of my neck injury and had to take time off and when I was supposed to return to work in the end not having a job because of the economic situation . Any input would help thanks . By the way I am only 17 so I do not know if I will sufffer of stiff neck how long and how long I'll be suffereing from PTSD.

  • 11Is being a lawyer worth it in the end?

    I'm 30, and love the law. However, my main goal in life is to have a family and provide for them the best I can. Is it worth it being a lawyer, or should I focus on another area if I want to also be a family man?

  • 12Is old Kmart stock worth anything?

    My mom retired from Kmart in 1995 and still has about 30 shares of Kmart. I understand Kmart merged with Sears several years ago. Should she just throw them away or are worth anything ? thanks