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What happens if you dont pay a debt collector any money and you are in collections? related questions

  • 1What happens if you dont pay a debt collector any money and you are in collections?

    What if you do not pay a debt collector money and is in collections ?

  • 2How to settle with a debt collector?

    I owe about $ 80,000 in student loans 3 . I was paying them every month until it declared bankruptcy in 2009 . My lawyer said that since they were private loans go bankrupt . They did and I could not pay them arrears after bankruptcy . Now I have a company that says I have to pay $ 13,000 to pay the interest now again and I can pay $ 360 a month. I have no savings and not have even $ 1000 let alone $ 13,000 and are not willing to work with me . What should I do ?

  • 3Do I have to pay the Collection Agency or Debt Collector?

    The collection agency said that since the car was in my name when it was towed is my responsibility and the law of California . The car was sold along time ago , but I was still under my name. I sent the correct document ( a little late ) , but says that was not mine at the time of the trailer . They said they still falls on me , because the title was in my name . He also said if I showed the towing company said that the role was not under my name that still matters wouldn ' . Even if the new owner came over and tried to pay for what he could not accept . Are they telling the truth ?

  • 4Can a 3rd party debt collector contest?

    I had an account with Chase for $ 10,000 , sold the account to a third party debt collector about 3 years ago . The account was with Pinnacle Financial , then turned to Sage Capitol . When I told them we were filing for bankruptcy , the representative of Sage said contest . Due to the fact a convenience check was written for $ 10,000 three days after the account was opened , payments were only made for 8 months and now 3 years later bankruptcy filing . The money was deposited into a personal bank account and used for paying bills without big ticket items were purchased . So can a 3rd party collector contest this in court, and it is no longer owned by Chase.

  • 5Can I still File Chapter 7 if I got a summon by a debt collector?

    I have just one last call for one of my credit card I have and I was wondering if I can still file Chapter 7 ? I have other credit cards and medical bills to be paid for so I have not been paying for not having sufficient income to make the payment . All opinions are welcome !

  • 6I have a medical debt that is in Collections.... How much should i offer to pay to setttle the debt?

    I owe 1,300. I have never paid one cent or attempted to make a payment plan. This debt is over 7 yrs old,....Does anyone have any advise on what i should do?

  • 7If I know I cannot pay off my collections debt in 3 years, is it worth it to pay anything at all?

    I have a few smaller collections debts ($100-$600) from various companies. I had planned on paying them all off next week in one big swoop. However, recently a college debt has left the college and been sold to a collection agency. Now that it is owned by the collection agency, it is due in full instead of payments, and on my credit report it will show a "Non-Payment" $17,000 debt. So the question is, if I know I cannot pay $17,000 dollars in 3 years, should I even pay any of them. In 3 years they will fall off my credit report, and if I pay them early, I will still have a huge $17,000 debt. Can I have something on my credit report saying I am making On TIme payments to a collections agency? Or is it paid in full or nothing? P.S.- I understand that it is my debt and I need to pay it, while I appreciate the moral advice, I do not need for someone to tell me it again. If you do not have advice on the question I have, please refrain from demeaning, negative, or otherwise unhelpful comments about how I should pay my debts. Thank you. (I'm not trying to be rude, but I see people attack others on here instead of answering their questions.)

  • 8Credit card debt, collections?

    My husband and I built a house and end up going for our allowance 80,000. We're not sure what to do . I can only pay 600 a month to the creditors . How I can get the finance charges stop. I have 14 cards . We thought about selling our house as a last resort. We do not want to declare bankruptcy . Please any advice would be appreciated ! 600 a month is not enough to pay even the minimum .

  • 9How do I find out all of my debt, in collections and past due?

    I'm going thru a divorce &learning of thousands of dollars in collection &more that are delinquent &on there way to a collection. Yesterday I learned of a credit card company that will settle for a % of the debt. I contacted this company &informed them that I have never applied for a credit card in my life. They had all of the personal info on me needed to apply for a credit card. I have a feeling that my soon to be ex applied for &received a card in my name. They informed me to go to the police dept. &fill out a fraud/identity theft form. Is this the correct action to take? I had trusted that my ex was taking care of our finances but apparently she wasn't. I will probably have to file bankruptcy. Should I do this after our divorce is final and the debts are divided or file together with my ex, before the divorce is final? I obviously want to know ALL of my debt that is out there. How do I go about finding this out? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 10Collections agency collecting debt for company that no longer exists.?

    My wife had a debt with a hospital that has closed and filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy . We have a collection agency trying to collect a debt from this bill . There is a phone number that appears on your credit report and the PO Box provided is not valid and the account continues to rise with interest . We have never received anything from this agency in the mail . We filed a dispute with Experian and returned as refused , but does not include any details . I will try to call the agency tomorrow from the number on the BBB site for information , because I do not think this was originally sent to insurance, causing a high bill . What steps do you take to resolve this?

  • 11If i get sued for a car accident and Ive no insurance or money and dont even own anything what happens?

    I was in a car accident in California that was my fault . I came home from the family members car for them . I had asked too . Police arrived at the scene and did not give me a ticket or arrest me. I have no insurance of any kind . It was an out of favor for a family member . I have full liscence california . I am not a citizen and a legal permanent resident .

  • 12I have a medical debt that has been sold to a collections agency. Can I offer them half as a payoff?

    Someone told me the agencies normally buy these accounts for a fraction of the amount due, then collect what they can, sometimes accepting half as a payoff amount. If I had had the money, I would have paid it off originally, but right now I'm not even making it paycheck to paycheck and the collections agency will not set up monthly automatic withdrawals or anything other than the full amount. Any suggestions? I'm not debating I owe the money, just can not pay it at this time.