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QQuestion about collection agency in Wisconsin.?

This is in Wisconsin .

My brother was involved in a car accident a few months ago . Neither he nor the other driver got a ticket . No injuries , minor damage to vehicles . Another driver says my brother was at fault ( my brother says otherwise ) and has come to our house several times to talk to him . My brother was not home yet .

Today my brother received a bill from a collection agency , with the other driver named as the person who owes the money . I wonder about the legality of this. My brother never received any legal communication related - that is, any judgment against him, there is no contact with a lawyer . Can a person like this other driver just go out and hire a collection agency to try to get the money it says it is owed for damage to your vehicle ? Should my brother this dispute any particular way ? What if he did not dispute? That is, what the agency could do in trying to get the money ?


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Question about collection agency in Wisconsin.?

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