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QIs the US finished as a super power and a nation ?

California Bankruptcy is now imminent and many other states are following very closely -

The nation as a whole is 11 trillion in the hole and now have to borrow for the day to day affairs of China now floats in the wars of the U.S.

The military reported that stretched to the breaking point by General Clark Eaton Gen Gen Baptiste and others have been fired - The U.S. still bogged down in Iraq at a cost of billions weekly

Employment rates are falling and contunue to do - The subprime still reaches U.S. real estate and homelessness is increasing as a result

Billions and billions have been printed from nothing - is more likely to be needed --- hyperinflation warnings are ignored and repressed

The armed resistance groups are forming in the U.S. and civil war looms in the background as a Russian professor says the U.S. is likely to break into pieces of 5 by U.S. 2010 --- Army College , although slightly more optimistic reports on the likelihood of civil unrest and riots

Natural disasters have been relentless in the last decade causing untold loss of life and money damages

--- The list goes on and on

It ended the U.S. both as a superpower and a nation ?

What impacts can be expected to follow the collapse of the U.S. and measures that can and should take steps to reduce the impact

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#1Lynda SmithAnswered at 2013-04-24 03:10:15
Yes , the liberal wish list goes on and on . Pessimism , everything is shit , the government has ruined everything , but we ( the liberals ) want to give more power to government . It makes sense . The government can not manage a bank account ( social security ) , so let's give them medical care to mess too.

Liberals love to see the country in passing. They have the power now to fix it. See, they just bltch and complain about how fucked up everything is , and they can not fix it.

Liberal Pessimism .
#2AnonymousAnswered at 2013-05-04 11:18:56
Remove Ay ! Head of the hose, get me another Elsinore !

Bob and Doug McKinsey to world leaders Oh Miss !
Never catch me .

But to answer your question ,
No, wait a few months .

Zen master says . . . . . .
#3iziAnswered at 2014-03-08 13:09:52
The US is no longer a superpower after the Financial Crisis and the moral decay (corruption, fraud, thievery). The US also has lost all credibility internationally. The EU, Russia, China and India have more credibility and work faster to quell conflicts and bring peace to the world.
#4eepAnswered at 2014-03-12 13:09:39
Bite your tongue...
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Is the US finished as a super power and a nation ?

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