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Is the US finished as a super power and a nation ? related questions

  • 1Is the US finished as a super power and a nation ?

    California Bankruptcy is now imminent and many other states are following very closely - The nation as a whole is 11 trillion in the hole and now have to borrow for the day to day affairs of China now floats in the wars of the U.S. The military reported that stretched to the breaking point by General Clark Eaton Gen Gen Baptiste and others have been fired - The U.S. still bogged down in Iraq at a cost of billions weekly Employment rates are falling and contunue to do - The subprime still reaches U.S. real estate and homelessness is increasing as a result Billions and billions have been printed from nothing - is more likely to be needed --- hyperinflation warnings are ignored and repressed The armed resistance groups are forming in the U.S. and civil war looms in the background as a Russian professor says the U.S. is likely to break into pieces of 5 by U.S. 2010 --- Army College , although slightly more optimistic reports on the likelihood of civil unrest and riots Natural disasters have been relentless in the last decade causing untold loss of life and money damages --- The list goes on and on It ended the U.S. both as a superpower and a nation ? What impacts can be expected to follow the collapse of the U.S. and measures that can and should take steps to reduce the impact

  • 2Chrysler Returning to the Super Bowl?

    For the first time in six years , Chrysler will be presented in a sixty second commercial slot during the Super Bowl on Feb. 7 . CBS reports that this slot costs between $ 2.5 and $ 2.8 million. My question is then , how do you propose to pay for this commercial time ? The company filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy last June and is now partially owned (10 % ) after they were given $ 15.5 billion to avoid collapse . I ask again , how are you paying for your airtime during the Super Bowl ? Maybe you have weighed the pros and cons and really believe their commercial time during the Super Bowl will attract enough customers to justify the cost CBS abruptly . Otherwise , however , Chrysler once agin be irresponsible and unable to properly allocate your expenses .

  • 3How much is Super Bowl ring worth?

    How much is the Super Bowl ring worth ?

  • 4Nation claims helpline-ha no win no fee its a joke?

    i recently had a car accident and was directed by my insurance company to follow up claim-to make it look legitimate.All i was interested in was getting my shoulder mended. I contacted the national claims helpline who sent an advisor quickly and stated as i had photographic evidence it was an open and shut case. They allocated walker smith way in Chester to my case and they sent me off to see a Dr on Rodney street in Liverpool. Thinking everything was going according to plan, co-operating with every request and keeping in contact via e:mail(on my part), i suddenly received a letter stating 1.that they would no longer represented me as i had requested someone else to do so-it was an error but they did not write to ask if info correct or not 2. they had shut case 3. and now the other side were disputing case! i contacted them immediately-they didn't take my call. After a week of attempting to contact them,some one explained that case closed end of-ive now no solicitor!is this right?

  • 5Super funny question that needs an answer ...?

    Okay so this guy in my office gets in a car accident .... the boy out of the accident and flees .... then he says his car was stolen .... So the day after the accident , call the police station to report his car stolen the officer who took the report of the accident ..... but it turned out that this guys is suspended licensee then admits that the officer was involved in a hit and run ..... then tells the officer that he has no respect and says he will call back to speak to another officer ... ? Is not that the stupidest thing I've ever pissed I almost laughed so hard .... so my question is do you think my co-worker for justice or will be screwed ...

  • 6What are some of the costs of democracy/freedom in a nation?

    It is said that freedom is not free. What do you think is the price , the price of freedom ? How is this cost varies with time ?

  • 7Why is the U.S. enforcing the seat belt law nation wide and letting motorcyclist go with out helmet s ?

    It seems , s wrong to protect a group of people and ignore another group . If you are going to tell everyone you have to wear seatbelts ( Click It or Ticket) HYPOCRITACAL type when you stop Motorcyclists not use the same thing that could save them in an accident .

  • 8Has anyone ever sucessfully finished a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

    I'm in Texas , so Texans could help others opinions . I filed for bankruptcy almost a year ago and have been very well paid , but the mortgage company has decided to throw his hat and although the payment was the trustee and the judge saw fit to triple the amount that was already paying . I heard a lot of people filing for Chapter 7 , but I have not heard of anyone finishing Chapter 13 . I have four more years of this and be encouraged if someone has a history of success in completing your Chapter 13 payments for the full term. I would appreciate if the cynics maintained their snide comments to themselves .

  • 9Claiming for a car accident that happened on a policy that has now finished?

    On September 7, I was involved in an accident without fault ( other driver admitted fault total writing) . We tell our companies that we would try to resolve it in private, but it worked too expensive to fix my car so that I can claim to said insurance. Although I have informed my insurance company immediately after the incident and has been reported to yours , my insurance is due tomorrow! I wonder , will my insurance claim to be empty because my car is no longer insured from tomorrow ? Or it does not matter because I was insured at the time of the incident ? After all , both companies are aware of the date of the incident and was affiliated at the time, so I do not see why it should be a problem . You really do not want to renew my car insurance if you are just going to cancel in the coming days . Any idea ?

  • 10My car was backed into but before the case could be finished the car was wrecked, can I still collect?

    Still can charge for it . I have a budget and turned it into the others. However, there is a slight dispute over how much they are willing to pay for what has been drug out . Now the car is added to another accident , you still have to pay for the damage they did or what it all as the car droped joined now?

  • 11All but which of the following is an exclusive federal power?

    A. The power to establish laws on bankruptcy. B. The power to grant copyrights . C. The power to make treaties . D. police power .

  • 12My friend has finished his UK drink driving ban and got his licence back does this mean he now has to say?

    hes only had license for 0-6 months to complete insurance quotes ? He previously held the license for 8 years ... the price difference is huge so I want to make sure he's doing well .