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When a lawyer prolong bankruptcy /chapter 7 on client what is the benefit for this lawyer? related questions

  • 1When a lawyer prolong bankruptcy /chapter 7 on client what is the benefit for this lawyer?

    When a bankruptcy attorney prolong / Chapter 7 on the client what the benefit for the attorney ?

  • 2Lawyer says client was only providing a service to the undocumented migrant farm workers do U agree R $$$$?

    Lawyer says client was only providing a service to undocumented farmworkers do UR agreement was for $ $ $ $? A Guatemalan citizen who says he fled political persecution and the threat of execution in his homeland to start a new life in America was sentenced Thursday to 2-1/2 years in federal prison for selling hundreds of license plates from out of state for illegal immigrants on the east coast. Officials said at a sentencing hearing Thursday that have been linked 56 crashes, including five fatalities, vehicles with plates sold by the defendant, Felipe Jesus Mazariegos-Perez, 44. The operation, Mazariegos-Perez ran out of his trailer in Accomack County Nelsonia at least six years, he scored more than $ 200,000, the estimated U.S. attorney's office said to be conservative. The authorities, including the FBI, the Virginia State Police and immigration officials, found only a little more than $ 2,000 in the trailer when arrested Mazariegos-Perez and his wife earlier this year. Do not know where the rest of the money went. Mazariegos-Perez's wife, Elvia Elizabel Soto-Ortiz, 26, was sentenced Thursday to nine months in prison for his role in the scheme. The couple, both of whom are facing deportation, have five children born in the U.S. is now going to live with relatives, lawyers in the case said. Based in part on research Virginian-Pilot in 2005, the authorities launched their own investigation into the high number of vehicles with out of state plates, most of Tennessee and Mississippi, involved in serious accidents. While investigating a prostitution ring on the east coast, the authorities were able to get informants to record conversations with Mazariegos-Perez and his wife about the sale of license plates. After Virginia hardened their vehicle registration requirements, making it difficult for illegal immigrants to car title, migrant workers turned to states like Tennessee, Mississippi, North Carolina and Georgia, where it was easier to record vehicles under false names. Mazariegos-Perez lead states to buy the plates. In many accidents, drivers and passengers fled the scene, leaving no way for the state police to identify the owner or driver of the vehicle. / 12/man-gets ...

  • 3My client owes me $7,000.00. They are thinking about going bankrupt. Is there a benefit to sue now than later?

    I know for a fact that they have not initiated any bankruptcy filing . However, I also know that they are doomed . This is an unsecured personal business joined our organization . They have threatened not to pay to empty bank accounts and selling valuable assets.

  • 4My ex-wife is filing bankruptcy. To challenge this, do I need a divorce lawyer or a bankruptcy lawyer?

    My ex wife just told me that you are filing Chapter 13. From the research I've done online , it seems that I have to prepare for the debt that was assigned in the divorce decree to return to me. Q1 ) Is this how it works? Q2 ) What kind of lawyer do I need to hire this question ? Q3 ) What are my rights and obligations ? It is difficult to find information about bankruptcy if you are on the receiving end . Where I can get more information? ? ?

  • 5How can i find a lawyer to take my case against a hospital that hurt me while in a coma. Every Lawyer is scare

    I was in a car wreck and ended up in a coma. While in the coma the doctor damaged me. Now I can't find a lawyer to take my case. When I mention the hospital where it happen they all say we fill that YES you do have a case BUT our firm can't handle it. It seems to me that they are affraid to even try. Can you give me some advice. I have another Dr. And a Nurse and my Drs. assistant That have told me that they would have to say it did not happen in the wreck. By Law.

  • 6My husband fired his lawyer and now he refuses to come off my husbands file for the new lawyer?

    my husband signed papers in the beginning that stated that the lawyer doesnt get paid until my husband gets paid,its a workmans comp case,he was injured at work and fell 30 foot off a house in sept.of last year(he broke all his ribs,bruised all his internal oragans and is lucky to be alive),he was hanging a tress and the crane operater hung the tress wrong and the tress broke from the hook and the tress hit the wall my husband was standing on and it flung him and he landed on his back,the old attorney basicly wasnt doing anything for our case besides sitting on his butt, my husband hasnt even had any surgeries and may now be considered disabled,all because the longer he waits the more damage is being done to his body,if any one knows any information on finding out what the heck to do that would be great

  • 7Other party hired lawyer for car accident. Do I need a lawyer now?

    I was in a car accident in December. Police placed the blame me , and I have asked for a court date to contest the ticket . ( The police actually told me I had to give a fine, because the other party claimed that the injury pain could be documented) . My insurance company called me today to tell me that the other party has obtained an attorney to pursue an injury claim . I've also been seeing a doctor for treatment. I'm in a state of no-fault PIP . Do I have to hire a lawyer to handle the ticket and / or personal injury, or my insurance company to represent me for personal injury part of this test?

  • 8Can i file for chapter 7 bankruptcy in WA without a lawyer?

    I have not paid the $ 1,900 and is a simple bankruptcy creditor wonder if I can do it myself and just pay the state fee of $ 299 ?

  • 9Do you need a lawyer to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    Also - can you take your car if it is their only means of transportation to and from work ? I do not owe anything on the car - it's really all I have , and not worth much . I live in Mass and my income is below the poverty line.

  • 10Can I file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy without a lawyer?

    I was wondering if I could file for Chapter 7 without a lawyer . If so , what are the costs?

  • 11I am trying to file chapter 9 bankruptcy does anyone know how I can do this without a lawyer?

    I can not afford a lawyer , but I have to file Chapter 9 bankruptcy . I need information about filing without an attorney and details on what type of debt can be included in a chapter 9 claim?

  • 12Do I necessarily need a lawyer to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    or can I represent myself? The cost to file is $299 and the cost with a lawyer is $2300. I mean, if you are bankrupt, how do they think you will be able to pay a lawyer???