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QAm I liable for this accident?

I am currently in college , going to get my law degree . One of my teachers made ​​us this question and triggered a fierce debate in the class. The question is :

If you are a road to drive in the city and swerve to avoid an object that has fallen on the road , causing two cars in the other lane to participate in a rear collision . Who should be responsible for this accident ?

What do you think ?

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#1hunter007Answered at 2013-01-05 13:19:59
Usually the person would hit the back of the car in the other lane ( 2nd car ) The shift may have caused a reaction in car # 1, but you avoided the accident , the # 2 however is responsible for maintaining a safe distance . If you remove your car from the stage and then consider a child runs into the street , stock car # 1 would be the same , for not keeping a safe distance strikes car # 2 car # 1 in the rear .
Similarly self # 1 could not have had anything before him jump , but maybe the engine suddenly stopped , the # 2 still not been able to stop in time to avoid the accident . I'm curious as to the conclusion we came to, I would be sure that your teacher agree.
#2immanuelAnswered at 2013-01-08 23:11:31
I ride a motorcycle and this is actually a common problem , causing the car accident that does not really involve them. Often a car driver does not see a motorcycle , which is removed from a driveway or make a left turn in front of you , divert or brake to avoid panic , and you hit a curb or a tree and see down, and the car goes along its merry way as if nothing had happened . Police and sure to see this as a " one vehicle accident because there was no actual collision . Law has no power to hold the driver of the car responsible for the accident that caused it. Happens all the time ! I think if you pull into another lane quickly , without warning , causing an accident , the accident is your fault . It violated the right of way of another driver . In trying to prevent , hit something else, or someone else . Shame on you , but it is difficult to prove , unless you happened to be caught on video or something and someone has your number plate .
#3 - In fact. -Answered at 2013-04-02 12:36:29
In all cases the person behind you must yield , regardless of their actions . No way could the driver who caused the accident is responsible . They were the drivers behind you who had the responsibility to maintain a safe distance to travel . I do not think Rick understood that you were not physically in the accident and caused no damage . The same would apply in aa multiple car accident , every car that hit the car in front of them is liable for damages even though initially caused the original accident . Basically there is no such thing as an accident when cars are behind you , you must yield to their actions and are held personally accountible on their own .
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Am I liable for this accident?

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