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Any reviews of Britax carseats from people who have been in a car accident with a child in the seat? related questions

  • 1Any reviews of Britax carseats from people who have been in a car accident with a child in the seat?

    And what model is it?

  • 2Car seat woes.. convertible? Britax Decathlon for a newborn?

    I'm trying to choose my seat first, but I am overwhelmed by the vast amount of information and comments .. It seems to me - that young children will not fit in most car seats convertible due to lower attachment strap being too high for them . Like, the Britax Decathlon car seat is a stunning and very safe and adapts to a baby with 9-10

  • 3If you have been involved in an accident and your child was in the car seat?

    My cousin was involved in an accident and her child was in the car in her car seat. Is there a law that once a car seat has been involved in an accident that it has to be replaced for the safety of the child?

  • 4PA. Penalties on child not on car seat?

    Does anyone know the penalties for parent(s) who doesn't properly put their child in car seats. I tried to look it up but I can't find where it states what the penalties are. I have a 4 year old son. HIs dad doesn't use a car seat and sits him in the front seat of the car. I have pleaded with him to please put him in the car seat in the back instead of the front seat. I even told him that he is risking our son's life by not properly securing him in the car seat where he belongs. If and when I do, he just agrees with me but does nothing about it. I am at my wits end and scared to death that one day (god forbid) his stupidity and lack of respect for the law will cause lives. I was even thinking of talking to his next door neighbor who is a cop to have a chat with him about not putting our son in a car seat. I know I'm wrong about this but I'd rather be wrong than lose my son because his father won't take a minute to properly secure him in the car.


    Hello , you can use a car seat in UK chaild Oz ? My friend sais Oz over here we can have problems with insurance in case of accident . Any advice or previous experience ? thanks

  • 6How old does a child have to be in ny to sit in front seat?

  • 7Was in a minor accident with a Britax...?

    The door nearest the car seat looks like it could be damaged , however , the impact was minor and the car seat looks like it was never in contact with the door . We live in a Tort state , should be entirely the fault of the other ( ran a red light and turned to my husband driving home , there was no one in either car though ) . Claim adjusters have a bad habit of trying to wriggle out of car seat replacement (especially since it's a $ 300 car seat ... ) Should I insist on a replacement? Or it is a minor accident enough to not need one? Britax has stricter regulations making it one of the car seats not only replaced after a minor accident . We meet all the criteria for a minor accident , except that the door , when he appeared not to be damaged , can not open (thus indicating a certain level of damage . )

  • 8How long should a child be a booster seat?

    my little brother who is going to turn 9 in 2 weeks doesn't want to use his booster seat anymore. he's small for his age and underweight.

  • 9When should my child face forward in the car seat?

    I just brought a three in one car seat that goes up to 125 pounds my son is seven months and weighs about 25 pounds. is it safe for him to face forward? or should he still be faced towards the rear?

  • 10At how many months can my child go into a toddler car seat?

    He is about to be 1, but he barely fits in his infant car seat, he hates it and I know he is not comfortable. He weighs 20 lbs.

  • 11Is the back seat really the safest place in a car for a child?

    Although it might be the safest place if there is an accident , the chances of having a minor accident if the child is more accessible and visible to the driver ? The child may also be removed from the car more easily in an emergency . With air bags second generation newer cars , and cut switches for older cars , air bags would not be a problem . I am convinced that the four children who died forgotten in cars in Houston this summer would be alive if they had been in the front seat .

  • 12Child riding in front seat of car-advice please?

    My son is 9. He is tall for his age , but thin ( 8x worn with pants size ) . My mother - in-law allowed to travel in the front seat of his car while driving around the small town in which we live . I had told her and my son that I prefer for him to be in the back . Your car has airbags passenger side . Since none of them has heard my request , I tried to get my husband 's help . But that only made it worse b / c I heard that he left our child ride in the front seat as well. I hear a lot of many stories about why kids need to ride in the back seat . Both make the child wear a seat belt , just an FYI Is there anyoen can help me say the right thing to express how important this is to me ? ( My mother has my child to school / summer due to my work schedule husband