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How dangerous is it to drive with headphones on? related questions

  • 1How dangerous is it to drive with headphones on?

  • 2Is it dangerous foreigners to drive in Laos?

  • 3What does the law say about driving with headphones in Oklahoma?

    I have an iPhone and the ear buds work as a hands free devise. It also plays music. Am I good to drive with my ear buds in or could I be ticketed? I can't find anything on this. I should point out in my state talking on the phone with or without a hands free device is legal, though driving while texting or driving while distracted is not. And listening to music on a motorcycle is allowed.

  • 4How is having a gun dangerous?

    My friend wants to get a gun. I don't think it's a good idea, but he says it is. Are there any reasons as to why he SHOULD NOT get a gun?

  • 5PIT BULLS Dangerous or what?

    PIT BULLS dangerous or what?

  • 6How dangerous is bicycling?

    My parents won't let me ride my bike around the city because they said it's too dangerous. I live in a part of a city that isn't too busy and don't remember any accidents that involved biking around here.

  • 7What about outlawing dangerous cars?

    The leading cause of death in the U.S. a car is driven too fast or too reckless ..... The maximum speed limit on interstate highways is 80 MPH ..... so ... appears that the construction of a car going over 85 MPH is irresponsible and dangerous . How about passing a law that prohibits passing cars over 85 MPH ? There is no legitimate use for making and testing cars that drive over the speed limit is a major cause of death . New cars could be fitted with a governor to limit speed ... performing with rental trucks now .... and more cars that were designed to go over $ 85 could be bought back by the government and crushed . There is a Precident for this .. weapons buy back ..... Today in St. Louis city government bought back hundreds of firearms. no questions asked .... many were stolen .... but .. is to deliver and get his fifty dollars .... we will do the same with corvettes and mustangs .... and make it illegal to buy back $ 500 and crush . What do you say ?

  • 8Is it more dangerous to ride with the flow of traffic or against?

    My friend and I were riding against the flow of traffic, the driver drifting out of your lane, but he saw it and had time to jump on our bikes to get out of the way, we saw the driver rolled our bikes before realizing the mistake and pulled the car in its lane and kept going. This has happened a few times over the years. On another occasion, in front of my house, two children traveling with the flow of traffic and a driver entered their lane behind them and because the boys could not see behind them (since they can not see behind them all the time ) and I could not hear my screams over the noise of traffic, the boys did not know of the impending danger and did not move out of the way, one of them was killed. The speed limit was only 35 mph on highways. Why is it better to go with the flow of traffic? I've heard all the arguments before and I'm not convinced, not with my experiences. The old argument of physics: If my bike was 20mph and the car was 45 miles per hour and travel toward each other, the impact would be the same as 65 mph vs counterclockwise in the speed and impact would be less likely 25MPH a serious accident. My reply: Whether 45 or 25MPH, either independently and speed could kill it if it is a large SUV or truck? You will pass underneath it and the speed does not matter at that point, but tons of steel and then that argument goes out the window. Also, you would see the car turning into the lane and now have a much greater chance of avoiding the collision yet as my experiences have shown. Following argument: You are upstream and cars making a right turn towards you would not see you because drivers are facing left. My reply: That's true, but I would see that he did not see me and I would stop and wait for him. Besides, how often do these idiots pull out in front of you while walking against the flow of traffic? Pedestrians struck and killed himself in this circumstance, but not required to comply with the

  • 9Cop pulled me over with a dangerous illegal maneuver?

    I was driving north leaving Miami , at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour on the highway . Going down a ramp , two policemen were people gunning speed out of your car in the shoulder lane . As he walked down the ramp in the road , my speed increased to 83 since I was on a ramp , the police and I run at that speed . He jumped in the middle of the street that was in me to tell him to stop, and I had to swerve to avoid hitting the road . Almost hit another car, and once I stopped was really hectic and used verbal discourse patronizing when I talk . I wonder if this maneuver took something illegal and something that I take in my defense in court ? I sped over 13 miles per hour and I'm not denying that. But the way he was arrested almost caused an accident and the officer was blaming my speed , do not jump in the middle of the road near the incident .

  • 10Dangerous Youtube Copyright Traps?

    Please help me with the following questions: 1)A friend of mine downloaded quite a lot of full movies and talk show episodes and some other miscellaneous from Youtube, but stopped it for about a month already. Will he still be in danger for being busted because of what he did? Once, he downloaded a full movie from one of the accounts and the next day when he revisited the uploader's account, it had been shut down already. A similar case happened earlier as well but the account was pulled down much later than in this case. 2) Given that he has already stopped downloading, usually for how long afterwards would you say he is no longer subjected to the danger for being busted or sued? 3) Is it illegal to even just WATCH movies from Youtube or other sites without downloading? 4) What is/are safe to watch or download from Youtube? Personally I like watching music videos and talk shows from 80s, and a lot of black and white PSA (public service announcement) released circa 30s - 60s.

  • 11Should we citizens report cell phone drivers who are dangerous? How?

    Yesterday , my husband and I were driving along a fairly busy state highway side , the guy with businesses and traffic lights at intersections . A woman pulled out of a parking lot on the right side in front of us and almost caused a horrible accident . I was so busy talking on her cell phone that she did not even look before pulling out and she continued talking on his cell phone and did not know she could have almost killed someone . At the next light , ended up next to her (I was in the passenger seat ) and there was still talking on her cell phone and you could tell he was totally unaware that almost made us crash his car and could have caused serious damage to herself and others. As the day progressed , I kept thinking about that woman . She must be aware of what he did and maybe we should have done something here ? How can a law abiding citizen to do? He says the police with a cell phone photo ( taken by me , not the passenger , the driver my husband ) of the license plate to give reasons to have a talk with her? Would you have sounded the horn and rolled down the window to talk to her ? What is the protocol ? If it was one of your loved ones behind the wheel of the other vehicle , did not want her talked about this? Do you think you could change your behavior?

  • 12Is it dangerous for the police to speed on the hard shoulder of a motorway even if it is legal?

    I asked the question Are the police violating the law if the speed on the hard shoulder of a motorway , it seems that this practice is legal . However, the new question is , is it safe . If you are on a highway and goes the cam belt is pulled into the hard shoulder , even if you were to check your rearview mirror correctly if a car traveling along shoulder at a speed that is not likely to get it in account before having to shoulder came . If a car traveling at speeds hitting is a good chance that they can not survive the accident . Traveling at the speed I mean above the legal speed limit on the highway . Just a note if a member of the public was to be done this way and trapped charge would probably be dangerous driving. How does the use of blue and two warrant ?