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How to find estate planning attorney in Los Angeles? related questions

  • 1How to find estate planning attorney in Los Angeles?

    Hi, I am looking for estate planning attorney for the purchasing of property. If anyone knows any professional company that can provide me legal service kindly let me know. I shall be very thankful to you. Regards

  • 2Where can I find attorney that is licensed in FL&MO, bankruptcy/real estate law?

    Need attorney for my small business , specialists in personal bankruptcy. Owning real estate in Florida and MO

  • 3Why should i hire an estate planning lawyers?

    Can anybody tell me why should i hire an estate planning lawyer? Can i not plan my estate on my own? I am really confused, kindly guide me in this matter. Thanks in Advance!

  • 4How much do attorneys typically charge for estate planning documents?

    Actualmente estoy buscando un abogado para crear lo siguiente para mi padre anciano : un testamento , una escritura de la propiedad que posee, una para la atención médica y un poder notarial . En términos generales, para un plan de sucesión incluidos los cuatro documentos anteriores , la cantidad de cuotas debe a la planificación típica carga abogado de bienes como un paquete, o en función de las horas trabajadas en esos documentos? Me doy cuenta de que no puede haber cifras exactas de los diferentes estados y países, pero me gustaría una cifra aproximada de comparar y contrastar. Gracias por la información de antemano .

  • 5Where can i find a cheap auto insurance in los angeles for a 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX?

  • 6I need a accident attorney. I live in Los Angeles and the accident was In Vegas.?

    I was a passenger in the car that was behind by a drunk driver ... there was a police report and all ... I need a good lawyer who can help me , does anyone have any suggestions ?

  • 7How do I find an attorney that is licensed in two states?

    I was in a car accident in TC , but am going back to MI where I live I lived here for nine months and TC was the direction of my car insurance , so I said a lawyer MI I would have to hire a lawyer CT MI or an attorney licensed in CT

  • 8Where can I find a good personal injury attorney?

    Where I can find a good personal injury lawyer ?

  • 9How can I find out if the attorney I am about to hire is good and legit?

    How I can know if I'm going to hire lawyer is good and reliable ?

  • 10If I live in Riverside County and want to file Chapter 7 does that mean that I need to find an Attorney in Rvs?

    If I live in Riverside and want to file a Chapter 7, how I can have a lawyer represent me Orange County ? Also, I have to present in the same county we live ?

  • 11How can I find a good bankruptcy attorney? Are there any sites where people can review info?

    I live in TN. I've discovered that I'm going to have to file Bankruptcy (Chapter 7). I don't personally know of anyone who has filed Bankruptcy, so I can't ask opinions. I look in the yellow pages &see a slew of attorney's. I have no clue how to pick &I work &don't have the time to have a consultation with every one of them. Is there a website that has information on lawyers, to help in picking one or maybe a site where people can type out their personal reviews of attorney's? Any tips would be appreciated, thanks!

  • 12Is your town going down the tubes like Los Angeles because illegals?

    Welcome to Los Angeles. These terrible car accidents happen all the time here and now it seems as if illegal immigration has affected their status as well. In California we have been literally invaded by illegal aliens from Mexico. You are now receiving in Massachusetts Traffic accidents - hit and run, no seat belts, high rates of drunk driving - and soon, if we do nothing, get everything else that comes with it - the crime rates overcrowding, high traffic accident (illegals from Mexico are often illiterate, even in their own language and do not read the signs, do not obey traffic laws, and have a high rate of drunk driving). Don'' t laugh, because if we do not stop this invasion of illegal aliens in this country soon Springfield will look like Los Angeles, with its schools to bust, the crowded and dangerous streets, and hospitals and emergency rooms closed. In the County of Los Angeles who have had more than 80 hospitals and emergency rooms to close its doors forever because illegal aliens use them as their primary care physicians for a cold or even the flu box and go to hospitals bankruptcy .. I'm telling you to start paying attention and demand that our immigration laws are enforced and that President Bush guard our borders. So far he has refused to do either. It's almost too late for my state, but maybe not for yours, I have seen once our top of the line from Los Angeles Unified School District go from being in the top five (before the massive invasion of illegal aliens from Mexico) to now be second from the bottom. More than half of you do not graduate from high school - we have the worst graduation rate in the U.S., most do not speak English, and bail out the school teachers in the LAUSD for its third year as gangs in schools and lack of discipline are so bad that they leave. The U.S. has about 2 million legal immigrants a year. We are the most generous country in the world in terms of welcoming new immigrants to our country. But do not confuse