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Where do I get credit counseling? related questions

  • 1I need a reputable credit counseling coumpany for mandatory pre-filing bankruptcy counseling. Who did you use

    Don't give me a "debt management" of "consolidation" solution as I will report you as a SPAMMER. I have already begun the paperwork for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and know it will be a long hard road to fix my credit. This is for those who have already or are in the process of filing for BK or those who know the process well, ONLY. Fed law requires pre-filing counseling and a "certificate". I can do the counseling class online which I prefer. What companies have people who filed BK used for pre-filing counseling and and post-discharge counseling? AND if you think I can get around the BK with the amazing "debt consolidation company" you are about to mention, don't... it just shows you haven't read my question and have no idea what the process is all about. I have no other options but to file BK right now. And please don't preach to me about the evils of credit or bankruptcy or how great your loan co or debt consolidation co is. I'm experiencing the evils and just want my life back

  • 2Will using a credit counseling service to consolidated your debt have negative impact on your credit history?

    Does the use of a credit counseling service for consolidated debt have a negative impact on your credit history ?

  • 3How can I get my loan with a Credit Counseling Corp. transferred to another bank, this hurt my credit!!!!?

  • 4Credit Cards Past Due - Need Advice about Credit Counseling/Negotiating/Bankrup… Please!?

    I have approx. 40K between 4 credit cards that I had before I was married. These credit cards are in my name only, not my husband's. I have always paid my debts on time and have never been late until the past few months. I am now past due 30-60 days and now owe late fees and over the limit fees and can't even afford the minimum payments any longer. I have been basically sticking my head in the sand about my financial situation for almost 2 years and borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. My husband and I jointly have a home loan with a balance of 92K and a home equity loan with a balance of 30K. Our home is worth about 120K so we have no equity. We are current and have never been late on our mortgage loans. We live in Indiana. My husband has a car loan in his name only. It is current and have never been paid late. My husband has 2 credit cards with a balance of 11K. These are current and have never been paid late. I now only work part-time making approx. $300-400 gross per month. I am trying to also substitute teach to make more money. My husband works full-time and this is how we afford to make our mortgage payment, car payments and his credit card payments on time. We are trying our best to make certain his credit stays good. My husband has a credit score above 680. I believe mine was 640 until the last few months - now I am sure mine is terrible due to my lack of payments. I am looking for advice. I have tried to negotiate with my credit card companies and offered to send as much as I can until I can find a higher paying job/more hours. However, they are not agreeing to this and won't stop the fees/high interest rates from accumulating. I almost feel like it is pointless to send anything because my balance just gets higher after sending a payment. I definitely want to pay my obligations. I have looked into credit counseling but until I have more income, I can't afford to make the kind of payments that is required. One counselor suggested that I file bankruptcy individually but I don't know if that is a real option since I am married. My husband's credit is perfect and I don't want to risk his credit. If I can/should file bankruptcy as my only option, can I still pay back my debt - just on my own terms that I can afford? If I don't pay my credit cards, what will happen? Can they take my house or affect my husband's credit? If they sue me, will the court allow me to make payments that I can afford? I know this is a lot of information and questions. I truly appreciate your help!!! The stress of this is killing me. I am so tired of worrying.

  • 5Credit Counseling?

    What does the inscription on Consumer Credit Counseling do to my credit card ? Do you feel as bad as a bankruptcy ? Trust me , this is my last resort .

  • 6Credit Counseling?

    Is credit counseling is a good idea if I can get my credit card paid ? Will you put a flag on my credit report ? My plan is to go through Consumer Credit Counseling Centers of America sponsored by the United Way . Anyone have any feedback ?

  • 7Where do I get credit counseling?

    I have to declare bankruptcy , and need credit counseling . Where I can go for this? How long does it take? What does it cost ?

  • 8Credit counseling service?

    Thinking about going to credit counseling services . Someone told me that this is better than trying to make bankruptcy . Can you do this even if you have a mortgage ? What types of credit and loans may have ? What are the pros and cons ?

  • 9Question about credit counseling?

    I've heard of websites that go through credit counseling debt consolidation or reduction of payments is treated as a Chapter 13 bankruptcy . Apparently , this would make it harder to get a mortgage in the future? Is this true ? It would help if I get answers from someone who has gone through credit counseling .

  • 10Bankruptcy or credit counseling? which is better?

    My husband and I are in serious debt- although most of it is medical- his wages just got attached- and we can go without that money. I am on disability we are trying to sell our house and move to a more affordable one, but no offers. should we file for bankruptcy or wait? help please!

  • 11Credit Counseling vs. Chapter 7 - EXPERIENCE ONLY PLEASE?

    Long story short - I went back to college at 27, got behind all, had to make a lot of student loans and the time I graduated , I'm in debt over my head ( about $ 10K ) , in addition to $ 40K in student loans , I'm behind on everything and just before going to college I bought a house - a fixer - that you can not afford to fix. I'm behind on payments, and I fear I'll never be able to sell the house (which is not a masterpiece , for sure ) , especially in the market in the state it is in. I know that student loans can not be downloaded with chapter 7 - but I have yet to pay for them , so that's why I mentioned them. What has been your experience? Part of me wants to file Chapter 7 and start again a wise woman . I have fear and my fear makes me unable to decide and here I am . Help !

  • 12Has anyone done credit counseling or debt reduction?

    I need information on what is a good credit counseling company or debt reduction , and if anyone has personal experience or recommendations.