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Other party hired lawyer for car accident. Do I need a lawyer now? related questions

  • 1Other party hired lawyer for car accident. Do I need a lawyer now?

    I was in a car accident in December. Police placed the blame me , and I have asked for a court date to contest the ticket . ( The police actually told me I had to give a fine, because the other party claimed that the injury pain could be documented) . My insurance company called me today to tell me that the other party has obtained an attorney to pursue an injury claim . I've also been seeing a doctor for treatment. I'm in a state of no-fault PIP . Do I have to hire a lawyer to handle the ticket and / or personal injury, or my insurance company to represent me for personal injury part of this test?

  • 2Can I drop my lawyer if I hired one to help me with my car accident lawsuit?

    ? I can drop my lawyer if I hired one to help me with my car accident lawsuit ? The lawyer I have is not moving fast enough for me . I can call the company at-fault party insurance for myself and see if they will settle for $ 15,000 ? At first I was offered $ 5000 and that's when I hired a lawyer .

  • 3I hired a lawyer to file claims for 6 yr daughter car accident.?

    my lawyer insists that the settlement money for my daughter was put in trust fund or money market account unitl she is 18 . because she is a minor. this is not really large amount of money , not to say its more than 10k and would like a response if there is a way to not do this anymore. As a parent , I think this will be wise to consider what would happen in the future if my daughter to develop a disease caused by an accident or scars treated yours , I can take these funds for my daughter, but if the money is in a trust I can not get a hold of him and I think the lawyer has more control over this account.

  • 4Should I do anything when the person I rear-ended hired a lawyer to talk to the insurance company?

    About two weeks ago I was rear-ended by a girl 20 mph . When he left the car, told me when I asked nicely , and it was actually a pleasant conversation since I was in your Bio class . Even gave him a hug , lol , because I felt very bad . I knew he was guilty , had no insurance and money in the bank to pay my deductible , so I really did not care because we were both very good and sure would take care of the repairs . I saw her five days later in my bio class , and even sat at the same table during the lab. She was acting normal and definitely not injured while on dissection . I call my insurance claims office two days ago and discovered that the claim is not closed yet because she hired a lawyer and said she has whiplash. The guy in the claims department , told me not to worry because this is a normal occurrence . But should I be worried ? Is there anything I should do now that she has a lawyer ? Especially since I saw her five days after the accident , and she had a neck brace and did not peep or grimace when she was standing then bending over to help with the dissection ? I have read online , and is said whiplash injury usually shows its symptoms 24-72 after injury . I do not know , I really feel like this girl is using the accident as this is fraud . I'm not sure what to do .

  • 5Car accident other party 100% at fault sue through insurance or hire a lawyer?

    I have a city crystler country and title insurance usually rescued and therefore give much could total the car if the transmission was too jacked up , that is, my car was a very nice car , but only paid $ 200 for it and I think title bran makes it worth maybe $ 900, but we all know that insurance to pay the lowest possible sueing :) would it be better to pay them directly with an attorney fee of 30% or the money, or just sue through my insurance company ? were 100 % at fault was a few inches at the intersection in the left lane at an intersection NO LEFT TURN left was in an exit only way for the light was green and was on my right and crashed into my right turning left side . I want a lawyer if you get a lot more if that is the best option , where I can get a good lawyer, a decent price for what I earn in law suite

  • 6Had a car accident-other party was at fault &his insurance got a recorded statement from me-now need lawyer??

    I was in a car accident where the other driver made ​​a left turn on a red arrow , had a green light . I could not see my left because the other cars saw this car

  • 7How can i find a lawyer to take my case against a hospital that hurt me while in a coma. Every Lawyer is scare

    I was in a car wreck and ended up in a coma. While in the coma the doctor damaged me. Now I can't find a lawyer to take my case. When I mention the hospital where it happen they all say we fill that YES you do have a case BUT our firm can't handle it. It seems to me that they are affraid to even try. Can you give me some advice. I have another Dr. And a Nurse and my Drs. assistant That have told me that they would have to say it did not happen in the wreck. By Law.

  • 8When a lawyer prolong bankruptcy /chapter 7 on client what is the benefit for this lawyer?

    When a bankruptcy attorney prolong / Chapter 7 on the client what the benefit for the attorney ?

  • 9My husband fired his lawyer and now he refuses to come off my husbands file for the new lawyer?

    my husband signed papers in the beginning that stated that the lawyer doesnt get paid until my husband gets paid,its a workmans comp case,he was injured at work and fell 30 foot off a house in sept.of last year(he broke all his ribs,bruised all his internal oragans and is lucky to be alive),he was hanging a tress and the crane operater hung the tress wrong and the tress broke from the hook and the tress hit the wall my husband was standing on and it flung him and he landed on his back,the old attorney basicly wasnt doing anything for our case besides sitting on his butt, my husband hasnt even had any surgeries and may now be considered disabled,all because the longer he waits the more damage is being done to his body,if any one knows any information on finding out what the heck to do that would be great

  • 10Florida Car Accident Lawyer, Florida Auto Accident Attorney, Florida Motorcycle or Truck Accident Lawyer?

    Who do you suggest as a good Florida Accident Lawyer Car (found anywhere in Florida ) or Florida Lawyer that can represent an injured person hurt as a result of a motor vehicle accident ?

  • 11What are different types of lawyer? i.e. Divorce Lawyer?

    What are the others? My plan is to become a lawyer, but I do not know what kind of want to be

  • 12My ex-wife is filing bankruptcy. To challenge this, do I need a divorce lawyer or a bankruptcy lawyer?

    My ex wife just told me that you are filing Chapter 13. From the research I've done online , it seems that I have to prepare for the debt that was assigned in the divorce decree to return to me. Q1 ) Is this how it works? Q2 ) What kind of lawyer do I need to hire this question ? Q3 ) What are my rights and obligations ? It is difficult to find information about bankruptcy if you are on the receiving end . Where I can get more information? ? ?