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QThe relationship with safety features in vehicles and physics.?

that's my way in my presentation .... I know it has something to do with the inertia ... but need some words to fill ...

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#1MikwAnswered at 2014-02-01 09:42:20
You can describe the physics of automobile collisions and auto safety features in terms of physics concepts such as momentum, energy, force, impulse, vectors, velocity, acceleration, displacement, torque, rotation and principles such as Newton's laws, conservation laws, momentum-impulse equation, and the work-energy theorum.

A few key words you may wish to research include:

Hydraulic bumper systems, Pneumatic bumper systems,
Seat Belts (shoulder and lap belts), Air bags, Anti-lock braking systems (ABS), Traction Control, Tires and Traction, Active suspension, Crumple zones, Crash Testing, Automobiles - safety devices, Automobiles - safety features, Automobiles - air bags, Accident reconstructionists, Automobiles - crash testing, Automobile driving, Rotational motion, Rotational energy, Energy conservation, Work-energy theorum, Momentum-impulse equation, Conservation of momentum, Work of deformation, Energy absorption, Energy transformation, and Brakes!

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The relationship with safety features in vehicles and physics.?

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