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The relationship with safety features in vehicles and physics.? related questions

  • 1The relationship with safety features in vehicles and physics.?

    that's my way in my presentation .... I know it has something to do with the inertia ... but need some words to fill ...

  • 2What are the safety features in cars and what role do they play in defying the laws of physics?

    reference to Newton's laws should be included , please

  • 3Why do we have rollercoaster safety features?

    for school project need afety features and why we have them please

  • 4Should i stay in this relationship?

    i have been with this guy for 17 months its has been a lot!!! of ups and downs... i did not see him for 3 days because he got in a lot of trouble with the law and i saw him yesterday. i didn;t want to have sex with him so we got in a big argument. when i was driving i was crying because we were shouting at each other and when i told him its over he turn the the wheel when i was driving to the on coming traffic lane and we could of got in a big accident and he jumped out the car and left.maybe i make him really mad but i always feel cornered and i'm not selfish i get scarred when we fight. we both say bad things. i have to meet him in a few hours but i really dont want to but if i dont he will get mad. i feel really stuck and i dont know what to do

  • 5Without going into detail about my relationship with my son..?

    My son and his wife was in a serious car accident . He walked away with only bumps and bruises , but she is in the hospital clinging to life. He does not let us see it . And I let you know how it goes. A couple of years ago we had a family fight . But it's time to let that go . What should I do ?

  • 6Help relationship problem?

    Sooooo Im dating this girl and I love her a lot and like every other lot , we've been dating for almost three months , we are in school and she is 15 years old , and I'm 18 .. But there is a problem , parents are very strict , Im not aloud to take her anywhere with a while until I agree with his father ? His daughter died a couple years back parents in a car accident .. I recently got my license , and my parents can not even take her anywhere yet? So if we want to hangout , if at home , its all up to the parents if hangout at my house cuz they're going to drive there and bring her back , but if I want to go home , no matter obviosuly , i myself either drive or get a taxi there . So how I can fix this? Its almost three months , we have not done much more than going to each others' houses , even one as of yet and things are .. well a bit boring as it were . 10 points to who out there gives me a legitimate answer well ( :

  • 7Relationship issues..?

    My girlfriend and I have been together for eight years . It is a stunning former model year 26. Although I love her to death, has had a very bad past - he was addicted to the game and now we are in major debt . Today I was crying because I thought I would never get out of debt , and then I said something that hurt me deeply - I had done adult films in the past for their money when she ran away from home at age 18 , (his father molested her) , so I would do for money. Not only did she hide that part of their past for me , she is betraying even thinking about doing porn for money. I spent the MCAT and was accepted into medical school , but not end up going for the debt accompanied by our relationship , and my dream was crushed . I find it very annoying that one would think so after what he had lost . I'm seriously considering dumping it and move on to a better life, but I've been in a relationship since high school, so I feel I 'm in too deep to get out , however , I also feel like a pussy excuse for a man to stay with her , so I have really deep feelings . Friends and my logic tells me that I leave , my heart says stay.

  • 8How do you fix a broken relationship after cheating?

    I've been in a relationship for 5 1/2 years. I'm a lesbian , my daughter and we have our animals we call

  • 9What is the relationship between attitude and behaviour?

    People know that wearing a helmet when riding two-wheelers is compulsory by law . They also know that the helmet reduces the chance of serious injury in a crash . However, they do not wear helmets while driving . Is it a matter of attitude or behavior ? Corrective actions should be directed to the attitude or behavior ?

  • 10Please help me... I am so depressed about that way I look... &so stressed about my relationship?

    How do I feel : I feel sad , depressed , lonely, frightened , anixous stressed

  • 11Physics help?

    Seat belts and air bags save lives by reducing the forces exerted on the driver and passengers in a car crash . Cars are designed with a

  • 12I need help: physics?

    1) Is it true that when you drop from a branch of the USDA Agricultural Research ground then pull up on Earth ? If so , then why is the acceleration of the Earth noticed? 2) Why does a rope climber pull down on the rope to move up ? 3) Two persons of the same lump one attempt to tug of war with 12 meter rope while standing on frictionless ice . When the rope is pulled , each of them is slid towards the other. How do they compare their accelerations and to what extent does each person slide before they meet? 4) In terms of impulse and momentum , why are air bags in cars reduce the chances of injuries in accidents ? 5) When jumping from a considerable height , so it's advantageous to land with knees bent ? 6) A fully dressed person is at rest in the center of a pond perfectly frictionless ice and must reach the shore . How can this be achieved ? 7) Consider a ball thrown up in the air . What position is its kinetic energy at a maximum ? Where is its gravitational potential power up ? 8) Two lumps of clay with equal and opposite moments have a head-on collision and come to rest . Momentum is conserved ? Kinetic energy is conserved ? Why your answers the same or different ?