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QRear ended a car. No call back for repair.?

Yesterday I finished back of a car and damage my bad, but the other car almost did not receive any damage , yet took responsibility and made sure the right and exchanged , but the other driver had no license , I said I was going to repair the car of my pocket because I do not want to involve insurance and because its damage was very small, and in addition to its carnassial mistreated by a 2009 still had rust on one side. Anyway, said menhis brother would call me back to fix things , but have not received a call n indont want to call back becuase your car is really mistreated maybe he does not care about service. Could there be repercussions if I do not call , would call mr claim insurance and accident or something? This is my first accident so I have no idea.


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Rear ended a car. No call back for repair.?

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