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Did former President Gerald Ford show the American public the double standards that exist in our counrty? related questions

  • 1Did former President Gerald Ford show the American public the double standards that exist in our counrty?

    I wondered why when we say the Pledge of Allegiance we say

  • 2Was Reagan the worst President in American history?

    all evil in the United States and the world can be attributed to the Reagan administration

  • 3Judging from past mistakes, was “Prohibition of Alcohol” a good thing for the American Public?

    Or just “Mobsters” and Law Enforcement? Could the same be true of “Marijuana Prohibition”?

  • 4Should we charge our president with murder because of the senseless killings of our american soldiers in iraq.

    The president lied to people here about there being weapons of mass destruction and underestimated the enormous force behind the teliban. This is about as bad as drinking and driving with a car load of friends and they all die but you in an accident.

  • 5Can you pay off debts that show up on credit history as charge offs or are past due? Will they show as paid?

    I have several negative things on my credit, but I want to pay them off now that I can. Some are shown as charge offs or are very old debts that I was not able to pay as far back as 2002. Someone told me I should just let them fall of my credit since some are very old and they are suppose to come off after seven years. I would like to pay them off, but my question is will my credit report show that I paid them off? Please help. An attorney told me i shouldnt pay them not even the small amts because i can wipe them out with a chapter 7 bankruptcy but I do not want to file bankruptcy.

  • 6What standards do i need to meet in order to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    I'm considering a Chapter 7 bankruptcy , but from what I've read there are certain criteria that must be met. What they are in Virginia ?

  • 7A non-american got hit by a car behind when he stopped at a stop light. Can cop ticket the non-american?

    The old African American who hit the car in front of him and said that her grandson was riding in the front seat was injured and the car was damaged. The images of the car showed damage to the front fender unrelated to the accident. But the insurance company paid the man $ 10,000 in damages and filed a lawsuit against the defendant insured. The judge approved the deal. Right ?

  • 8What are the different types of lawyers that exist?

    For example divorce lawyer , entertainment lawyer ........

  • 9What are the different types of law specializations that exist?

    What are the different types of law specializations that exist and what you do for each? I know there's like a billion specializations out there , but maybe only major ? I know some like • Asbestos Lawyer • Assault Lawyer • Auto Accident Lawyer • Bankruptcy Lawyer Car Accident Lawyer • • Compensation Lawyer • Construction Lawyer • Criminal Attorney • Defense Lawyer • Divorce Lawyer • DUI Lawyer • DWI Lawyer • Employment Advocate • Fraud Lawyer • Immigration Lawyer • Injury Lawyer • Insurance Lawyer • International Lawyer • Litigation Lawyers • Negligence Lawyer • Medical Malpractice Attorney • Mesothelioma Lawyer • Nursing Home Lawyer • Patent Lawyer • Personal Injury Lawyer • Securities Lawyer • Social Security Lawyer • Software Lawyer • Tax Lawyer • Traffic Lawyer • Wrongful Death Lawyer but some of them I have no idea what they are . Thanks :)

  • 10Cars and trucks - can they co-exist?

    An accident on the Hume Highway south of Sydney raises the question of whether large trucks and family sized cars can (and must ) coexist on the main roads. Three people, all from the same family were killed when their car was crushed by a first motor crossing to the wrong side of the road . The B -double was traveling south on the Hume Highway when it veered to divide the median and crossed to the wrong side of the road . It crashed head on the drive north , crushing the car and killing three passengers . In another recent tragic similar circumstance - a small car needed to stop suddenly when a ladder fell off the roof of a vehicle in front of him , but the big 34 -wheel truck after the small car had no hope of stopping . Result - . A small car chopped ~ 2 dead Perhaps, and many other countries where large trucks are a threat to our way of driving safely , should adopt the attitude of Beijing to ban these types of trucks on specific roads during daylight hours ?

  • 11What kind of society are we to allow adult entertainment to exist?

    If your daughter was going to get into it , it is not expected that the law will be there to stop it by banning it . Yes I know the hatred

  • 12IF souls do not exist, then how are out-of body experiences explained?

    There are many stories about OBEs . One story tells of a woman who got in a car accident and was " unconscious " , but she was apparently outside his body . The person who ruined car woman called an ambulance and sent to hospital. As thanks , the woman remembered the number plate of the person when you are out of your body and when she was awake to the person who sent a gift by tracking them with his badge number . How can we explain that without the concept of a soul ?