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  • Is it legal to have a three some with my father and my wife?

    My father has been dating my wife for 3 years now and has recently taken a keen interest in myself as well. I want to advance our relationship and have a three some but don't want to get in trouble. Are there certain guidelines where I won't get into trouble for engaging with my father and my wife?

  • Traffic Question?

    Say you're at a 4 way stop red light. the north and south have green. theres a person at the front of the line needing to turn left. can the traffic from behind him go around him and continue straight or is it the law to stay behind him and wait until his way is clear. If this is seriously legal no wonder so many accidents happen.

  • Can my babys car seat go in the front seat of my car without breaking the law?

  • If a bike rides wrong traffic direction through crosswalk and gets hit?

    Bikes are considered motor vehicles by NJ Law and must follow motor vehicle laws for driving. If a bike is riding on the wrong side of the road, then attempts to cross the road (in wrong direction) at a crosswalk is this illegal? If the bicyclist is hit but not injured by the automobile who is then at fault if the bike is in the wrong direction to begin with?

  • Car crash investigation?

    I am a British aid worker posted in Southern Africa. My local colleague has crashed our project's rental car in a distant province, and I have very little information about the details of the crash and no way to verify the information I have been given. I am writing to see if anyone on the forum can provide some insight into this crash based on the information below, as the owner of the car will want my project to pay for the damage (estimated at about 3000 pounds). His description is as follows: - He was traveling down a hill on a paved road at 8:30AM at about 65km in a zone with an 80km speed limit - He suddenly lost control of the car and went off the road - The car rolled 1.5 times and landed on its side - Both front tyres were flat after the crash - The windscreen shattered, the headlights are broken, and there is damage to both sides of the car, the hood and the roof My colleague was not hurt and, thankfully, there were no passengers and no pedestrians or other cars involved. There is no reason to think he was drinking. The weather was clear. The police have been called in and have prepared a report of the accident. The estimate of the speed he was traveling, he said, came from the police. This story does not make sense to me, and I suspect that my colleague, who I and other colleagues have experienced as somewhat of a reckless driver, may have been driving much faster than he claims and is at fault for the crash. He did not report the accident to me for 11 hours. The police report is unlikely to help (though it might provide additional information) as it would be quite easy to pay the police off to modify their report. I would be grateful for any observations from the forum members or links to other sites that might prove useful. Many thanks!

  • Are helmets really safe?

    are helmets actually safe or are they just there to protect ur head but not very well. if u know the real answer tell me a story about u or ur friend with helmet expieriences tell me if they are safe or not.

  • Consequences for pedestrian hiting a car? PLEASE HELP!!?

    okay, so last night i was riding my bike home from work and my dad was following me home to make sure i would get home okay. then when there was an intersection i went to press the cross button (note--i didnt ever use a cross walk button so i didnt really know how to use one.) so i saw the light was red for the cars in front of me (didn't look at the pedestrian light to make sure it was green cause i didnt know) so since the cars light was red i just rode my bike on the cross walk. then when i was in the middle of the street all the sudden a car started to go (note--all of the cars were stopped, even though the light was green, since the pedestrian has the right of way.) so anyways long story short i ended up hiting the car since it hadnt stopped and hurt myself. (scariest experience of my life!) so after i hit the car its drivers side window was broken, same with the rearview mirrow, as well as part of the car door was dented. about 15 seconds after i hit her she drove off. the people in the intersection that witnessed it stopped and pulled over to make sure i was okay and called the police. So the police showed up about 1 minute later to investigate and make sure i was alright. The lady didnt show up to the scene until 15 minutes later. The lady who I hit was chinese so she didnt speak english.she wasnt hurt at all (considering I was the one on the bike so it wasnt like a huge car that hit her.) however she claimed that her hand was "tinglying". So the people in the ambulance took her to the hospital. One of the police men from the accident said that he recocognized her husband from annother car accident and you could tell that there were was alot of unrepaired damge done from the last car accident she had been in. Also our car insurance has a $1,000 deductable so i dont know if it would really come in use for this incident. So considering i am the pedestrian, she had left the accident for 15 minutes, and that she had been in the car accident..will i have to pay? could i get sued? or could we sue her? (not saying we will.) any information about what could happen would be great. thanks!

  • Minnesota staTE LAW OF CELL PHONE USE?

    car accidents involved or people being pulled over by the cops for cell phone use while driving?

  • Accident while test driving dealers car, Please help?

    Hi there, Almost 2 and half years ago I had a car accident while driving a dealers car, crash into a pole. The salesman is suing me because he was slightly injured and the time he didn't go to work. His lawyer is asking for my insurance information, and I have not presented any information about my insurance. Am I liable for this claim, or dealer's insurance has to cover up the charges. I am a student and do not have any penny to give if they even win the case. what advice do you give?

  • Son was in car accident, hitting a car in intersection. totaled both cars,

    He is sixteen. There were no injuries. It was storming on the night it happened. He said that the light was yellow when he applied his brakes and the brakes locked up and he skidded (hydroplaned) into intersection hitting other car. Before applying brakes he was traveling approx. 45 mph. The police officer said that he ran a red light. Should we get a lawyer?

  • What happens if you get into two car accidents in one day as a minor?

    im 17 years old and i got into a little accident pulling out of the high school parking lot and scratched the car bumper and they reported it to the police and they gave me a reckless endangerment on private property ticket for that, and also I got into a fender bender 20 minutes later and he reported it to the police and i got a speeding ticket for not maintaining a safe distance behind the car in front of me, im going to have to make a claim for the car i damaged and i don't know about the small scratch i put on the other car, what do you think is going to happen?

  • Should I involve a lawyer if I was involved in a car accident that i have sustained injury from?

    I was recently involved in a car accident. Rear ended quite badly by a Maxi Taxi. In Queensland Australia. The driver was charged. Police report filed etc... I have sustained whiplash and back injuries from the accident. I am currently claiming through CTP insurance but have had been advised by a few friends to go and see a no win no fee lawyer. I am off work for a month and have alot of restrictions. Am seeing physio 2-3 times a week. The CTP insurance is covering my doctors bills etc but my main concern is if I will be able to return to work and when. But... I just don't have a full understanding of what a lawyer can do for me and how beneficial it would be for me. At this present point in time I am focusing on getting myself well but what about my future? Will I be compensated for any further problems etc.... Has anyone been in a similar situation? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I feel that the insurance company is just trying to put me through their system as fast as possible and to them I know I am just another number on their books!

  • Got into a car accident, no police report nor witnesses.?

    I was driving behind a taxi cab on a two-way residential street when all of a sudden he hits the breaks in the middle of an intersection even though there isn't a stop sign, I didn't want to hit the brakes and skid into him so I dodged him by moving to the left real quick but at the same time he was making a u-turn even though there were stop signs on each side of the crossing street and hit me on my driver side door. He told me not to call the cops because he had an investigator from his company to fill out a report. I now realize the investigation was only done to cover his *** because I did not see his version of the accident on paper except how to contact their insurance. I was the first to open a claim with his and my insurance company, they have my statement, he has not given his. Who do you think will be held at fault?

  • Road accident &its legal issues ???

    I've had an accident in my car yesterday. I was waiting at the roundabout &someone's van just smashed into me from behind. Firstly, I thought I'd get over it simply by having a good night sleep but the pain started the moment I woke up. It's a whiplash injury making it harder to make any quick neck movement along with severe headache. Although, I'd this accident at around 6pm yesterday, on my way back from work, would it be possible to do something about it NOW i.e. after 24 hours ??? Is there any insurance issue that I need to consider, regardless of the fact that it was someone else's fault &I've fully comprehensive insurance ??? What are the legal issues, if it applies, that apply to someone in my position ??? What exactly needs doing that benefits me ??? I'm heading to the local NHS infirmary shortly &see if that's of any help.

  • My few days bad day?

    This year in May was my bad day. My car got scratched when i was reversing to my car porch. My mum's car got scratch by an unknown driver and got away. The next day when i sent her car to the workshop, i bumped her car into my dad's car. Another damage on her car. WHY is this happening to me????? I am a very careful driver but why suddenly so many accidents?

  • Car Accident, Damages to cement guardrails?

    I recently had a car accident in which my car jumped a high curb on a small bridge and slammed into a large concrete guardrail, my car was totaled and the guardrail I hit is now tilted at about an 80 degree angle from an original 90 and the cement at the guardrail's base is cracked. The guardrails are not traditional metal guardrails, rather 4 foot tall cement pillars attached to each other. An accident report was written up by the police, I was not told I was not given any citations, no other parties were involved, I was not drinking, under the influence of drugs, sleepy, suffered injuries, etc. etc. Long story short, I had heard of people being billed for damage to city property before, and I am worried about if I may also be billed, how much, when, etc.? I have good insurance which covers 300k per accident, and includes property damage

  • Should text-messaging while driving be illegal by law?

    I've heard that text-messaging while driving would cause fatal results, so I'm considering two examples of such news reports of text-messaging fatalities that I've heard: 1.) In Fairport, N.Y., five teenage girls died when their SUV slammed head-on into a tractor-trailer. Investigators looking into the crash have found that text messages were sent back and forth from the driver's cell phone just moments before the crash. 2.) While he was text-messaging, Patrick Sims slammed and killed bicyclist Jim Price, a father of two. I looked at an issue of "People" magazine and came up with the two examples of text-messaging fatalities that moved me. My sympathetic condolences go to the victims caused by the accidents. In my opinion, text-messaging while driving should be illegal by law, and it should apply not only teenagers but to adults as well. What do you think? Should text-messaging while driving be illegal by law? What kinds of penalties should we give for breaking it?

  • Motorcycle Helmet law Vs. Vehicle Seat belt law?

    IS it me or does the law in PA seam to be backwards...? Your not required to wear a helmet after two years of riding and passing a safty courseafter after the age of 21, but EVERYONE no matter age, years of experience or completing a safty course MUST wear a seat belt? Isn't more dangerous in an accident to be on a motorcycle than a car?

  • What should I do next? (Minor car accident)?

    There was an minor car accident pulling out of a gas station. She swears it is my fault because she had the right of way but I was stopped and she drove too close and hit the front of my car with the side of hers. Police were not called because of how minor it was. We exchanged info. Afterwards she sent me an appraisal for over $1,115 to fix it. I have pictures that MIGHT prove that it was her fault but she still denies fault.

  • I have a pre-trial comming up this month???? Advice please?

    I have been charge with driving without a license and had an accident. The owner of the truch that i rear ended sued me because he wants money. I need some advice since i'm representing myself. This is what happen. I was going to school with a car my dad had just bought. He usually took me to school but he had to travel that week and i didn't have anyone to take me to school. I had no idea the car was without insurance and since i had a test that day i had to go to school. I was in a red light and the truck was in front of me but since i was trying to study for my test (bad thing to do i know) i drop the paper. I bended down to get it and let go of the brake by accident. The car moved very slowly but i didn't acted quickly enough and i rear ended the truck. Really nothing happen to my car nor his truck. I was fine and he was fine too. When the police came he faked his neck hurted even after he had told me they were fine. The ambulanced took them to the hospital.