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  • Hire a Business Lawyer.

    We are planning to start a new business but are not aware about some of the laws. We have read this post here ( to hire a suitable lawyer who may help us with the corporate structure, avoiding and handling potential lawsuits, drafting contracts and reviewing labor laws. Please advice us that what factors must be looked upon to hire a lawyer.   

  • Can my name be put on my husbands business account so i can take money out or deposit it?

  • Do you have to have a legal consultant?

    I was wondering if anyone knew if in order to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy if you had to have a legal consultant or if you can just pay the fee and file? Someone have any insight into this? Thanks!

  • Asking for help 2,3 months ago one of my clients filled for bankruptucy chapter 7.What to do?

    2,3 months ago one of my clients filled for bankruptucy chapter 7. The amount is around 20K he promised me by his word that he will pay me.But he need time.He doesnt want sign any document just give me his word. Is any way to go to the court and sue him ? PS. He is one a "far"relative,uncle of my couisin. Another option he gave me was take his car one bmw or mercedes that he is still making the payments and pass the title for my name. What is the best proceed that I need to do?

  • If I open a store and my store goes bankruptcy, will?

    they take my house as well since I own it? How does bankruptcy of a store works in California?

  • How do I find out if a company has filed for bankruptcy in the state of Virginia?

  • Good ways to earn extra income?

    Looking for some extra ways to pull in some extra income (legal). I'm already looking into selling on ebay, but does anybody know of anything else.

  • Can a small company "DBA" still conduct business after a chapter 7

  • What would be the Journal Entry for writing off a business debt due to bankruptcy?

    We filed personal bankruptcy in 2010. We had a credit card in our personal name, but used only for business. This was included in the bankruptcy. I need to know what account I should write the credit card balance off to. Our company is a Sub-Chapter S. The credit card debt was incurred before we incorporated - while we were still a sole-proprietor - and was carried over when we incorporated.

  • What is involved in receiving a contractors license?

  • I am currently in a personal chap 7 bankruptcy process and I have a sole proprietorship.?

    I had to pay the trustee for the value, on the date of filing, of my business's Account Receivable. Will that money paid be a tax deduction for my business in 2011 ?

  • Can they take my business?

    I have a small LLC business that I only run on the internet, (actually it runs it's self now that i'm not actively working it anymore). I just recently lost my 5th job of the year (no jobs in our town) and am contemplating bankruptcy. Can they take the Money that my business has in it's account at the bank, to pay for my debts?

  • Chapter 7 is our only choice, how can we protect our personnel possessions?

    We have a small family business, and big business has run us out! We just can't compete and make anykind of living. We have already gotten other jobs,full time, to help our family survive. We really don't have anything besides our home and a vehicle.

  • Web designe business bankruptsy,what to do,need advices?

    Hi! I invested in web designe firm 3years ago we made web portals and I have my own web portal, firm is close to bankruptsy, question is, how I can sell something, we have portfolio and we have social networking portal Maybe I could sell some scripts or portal, what shoul I do to get out most of what I invested???

  • Can you save an automobile by incorporating it in a business enven if you have filed a chapter 7?

  • Can I get a small buisness loan to start a buisness if invade a personal chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharged 12 of 2009. Currently writing a buisness plan for a seed buisness. Will I have trouble securing a buisness Liam?

  • Can I use my home as collateral for a business loan if I am in chapter 13 bankruptcy?

  • Protecting my Business !HELP!?

    I am starting a small business by myself just a simple baby sitting service. To make myself look more professional i have created a mission statement and created a logo etc etc However to cover my back when on a job i have come up with terms and conditions of which the parents must agree on before i provide care for their childern. I have put this all on paper and i will get parents to sign this before i care for their childern, i have mentioned things like even though it is my duty of care to look after their childerns health, safety and welfare it is up to them to provide me with a low risk enviroment in which i can do my job, if their child does suffer injury i cannot be held responsible for this as therefore the enviroment was not risk free. As long as i mention this and get them to sign terms and conditions does this cover me, basically my terms and conditions state that in the event of any injury i done everything, including themselves, to prevent it but it still happened and therefore it is not my fault. Can anyone help? Are is it the case that since i am providing such a simple service do i even need to bother doing this all!!!

  • If YRC goes Bankrupt will USF go out of buisness too?

    will all 3 yellow roadway and usf go out of buisness?

  • Need real estate advice. Calling all agents, brokers, and attorneys.?

    Here goes. I bought a house 50-50 with my cousin with zero down. Recently she got into a car accident and doesn't work. She gets some money from insurance but SHE said she can't afford her half of the mortgage and wanted to refinance in my name and my fiances name. We got the loan and all the paperwork is complete. She hesitated BIG time signing the quit claim from the title company. She wants to get PAID! So we bought for 290K and the house appraised for 312K. Payoff was 292K. The quit claim fees are 2500 bucks for her to get off title. The closing costs were 7k. Once again she wants MONEY! Since we didn't actually "sell" the house she doesn't think she's entitled to have to pay closing costs because I got the house. I don't think this is fair. I don't want the house but the market here is too slow and everything sells for about 10% under appraisal. Selling isn't really an option. She eventually signed the quit claim and I wrote up a little letter stating she has to pay (taken out of her 10K "equity")half of closing, half of the home appraisal, and her half of the quit claim. I offered her about 500 bucks more than the actual numbers shown - I offered 4k, the numbers showed about 3500. My questions is can she take legal action against me to get more money than I'm offering. She signed my little letter with the amount and my 12 month intention to pay. Not a legal document but I can't afford legal fees. What can she do? I don't trust her one bit. Once again, all paperwork is submitted and the loan should fund on Wednesday. Thanks in advance guys.