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  • I am worried about my boyfriend?

    I am looking for some advice. I have 22 years old, female, and live very happy with my boyfriend of 21 years . He owns and opperates import and export several businesses with his father . We live very well and have a huge family and lots of friends . My boyfriend works hard and is always extremely busy with clients and meetings ect . I recently discovered that my boyfriend is a drug high stress and depression relief tablets.I honestly did not know there was a problem . Every time I mention it refuses to talk about it and make a row .

  • How can I get help for an uninsured, ill lady that has no spousal help,home, car, money, etc.?

  • Is Lydia Pinkham good for someone like me with endometriosis?

    I have had endometriosis for years and tried several contraceptive pills only to disappoint me and find no solution , I had all the side effects and I do not take them. The latter were Depo Provera made ​​me bleed for two weeks and gain 20 pounds and cramps same unchanged. Then the last thing I tried FEMCON , bleeding for 12 days and also a lot of cramps and gained 10 pounds , still bad cramps . Someone mentioned something about Lydia Pinkham , how long will it take to see improvement terrible cramps and I am at risk of getting pregnant ? because I read that some women give for that, and I do not want to get pregnant just like a normal period . And I've tried everything and I'm desperate please help me if you are informed about Lydia Pinkham .

  • How to get rid of bad luck/curse placed on us after we got married?

    I'm serious people . I'm not a troll ... normally not even consider myself very religious , but has reached a point where I think someone put a curse on me . Everything was going great , I've been with my husband for 10 years ( since we were kids . ) We have a location three years ago , I worked in a law firm and made good money . One day after we got married , everything changed . I was fired , I got in a car accident (not my fault, but the insurance company who protested , tried not to pay anything even though he got the ticket ) , I have a new job, but hardly pay anything , then was quickly fired three months later because I do not have knowledge of accounting should have asked me about the interview ! He even admitted that it was partly his fault for not looking for that. Now I'm struggling to find a job and there's nothing out there ... my husband is trying to be positive . but it is very difficult ... our team continues to break especially since I need to apply for print and online curriculum . Our funds are about drying and we risk losing our home and cars . Our luck changed in a second , the day after we got married . Coincidence? I think not. I think someone put a spell on us , and I have to get rid of it !

  • Bleeding for six months? Ten points?

    Hello , I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago when my periods started coming every few months or sometimes only once a year . Six months ago I was on the first day of my period after missing four months and was in a serious car accident . Since then I have been bleeding (lots of clots ) . Occasionally I will stop for a couple of days and then start again . If I have sex is just spotting but when I do it is very heavy . I've also been getting migraines that my sister who is a nurse said to be bleeding. My plan is to go to the doctor . Any idea what is wrong ? Thank you. Best Answer .

  • I have spine injuries healing, is Hairdressing going to worsen my back?

    I come from a workers compensation case , you just installed . I settled my workers ' compensation case , because he had reached MMI for a hernia on my tailbone and the insurance company refuses Vocational Rehabilitation for me , it would not be done in me.I doctor said several doctors that it was not a candidate for surgery . I was in a car accident in my boyfriend 's car , just before the hearing to the Vocational Rehabilitation . We were rear ended by someone not paying attention and twisted my upper spine and jammed up . I installed the first injury considering the two cases were to get involved and make both situations worse , and I was working would be more useful than the insurance company to hire someone to maintain a salary above my head and cut my salary. I've been thinking about the local Paul Mitchell hair school . My reasons , heavy head to toe wash repetitive bending , core wash again kills me , my only skill is Janitorial or retail . Sitting in the same position all day hurts me too , so office work ( lack of skills ne ways ) , so I figured I stand and move would be better for me . Are there any hairdressers out there with some tips on how to handle his job back ? Is it a bad idea?