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    hi . I have a 2008 chrysler new and had an accident . i was beaten on the side of the car on my side , but more towards the center of my son was sitting there. not one of the airbags came out and was pretty bad no one was hurt , thank God, but it was a pretty good hit . Should the complaint of a law suit ? because the airbags did not anyone help me out

  • HELP ME WITH HEALTH!!! 10 points to best answers?

    12. Which law helps to allow donation of organs without cost to the donor? Good Samaritan Act HIPAA Uniform Anatomical Gift Act DSHEA 13. Lucrecia has abdominal pain and decides she has to have certain points on the foot massage for pain control. What type of unconventional medicine is used? Acupuncture iridology reflexology naturopathy 14. Marcus is complaining of a headache and his friend suggests that he should have a spinal adjustment to make the pain go away. What type of unconventional medicine is the friend most likely suggesting? homeopathy chelation therapy iridology Chiropractic 15. Which of the following does not contribute to homelessness? Substance abuse catastrophic financial event domestic violence Medical Insurance 16. What government agency helps homeless people find shelter? FDA FAA HUD CDC 17. Which policy helps protect patients' privacy and insurance coverage? FDA HIPAA OSHA CDC 18. Stops at the scene of an accident and notice a woman face in a pool of water. You turn around and determine who is unconscious. What law allows you to proceed with emergency care? Good Samaritan Act Uniform Anatomical Gift Act Controlled Substances Act Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. 19. What law prevents heroin be prescribed by doctors and health care providers? Occupational Safety and Health Administration Workers Compensation Fund Controlled Substances Act Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act 20. Which of the following would help you get the best health care information currently available? Navigate web pages. Com for treating the most current information and prevention. Extraction of oil from the neighbor to put on your feet to relieve sore throat. Buy the most current herb from the television infomercials. Research a medical condition at the library of your local hospital. 21. Who pays most of the health care costs of patients over sixty-five? HIPAA CHIP Medicare Institute of Medicine 22. Which of the following is not a reason why health care costs are spiraling upward in the United States? demands and need for legal coverage advances in technology increased job losses and loss of benefits decrease in the number of uninsured 23. When people do not have adequate health insurance or good access to health care, where do you usually go to the health care services? the emergency department of a local hospital a health clinic and wellness a doctor who used to be on your insurance coverage herb shop for alternative medicine ideas 24. Which of the following is not a technological advance of the twentieth century? microscopes artificial heart laser surgery MRIs 25. In the United States, lung infection resistant to drugs is increasing in frequency due to homelessness and other diseases? malaria tuberculosis HIV / AIDS cancer 26. Which of the following is not one of the ten main objectives outlined in Healthy People 2010? Reduce consumption of snuff. Increase the use of nutrient supplements in diets. Reduce the use of harmful substances such as drugs and alcohol. Increase the use of helmets and seat belts to prevent accidental injuries. 27. Which of the following environmental factors is not a major concern listed in Healthy People 2010 report? available homes food safety clean water landfills and waste 28. What is the main goal of Healthy People 2010? disease control Health promotion values ​​clarification ethical exploration 29. What is the role of OSHA? regulates safety in the workplace regulates employee wages cancer and other diseases research researches sea life and finds new creatures 30. The value compassion affects a community by causing its members to do which of the following? run organizations that help the needy compete for the jobs and money sue others when they break contracts punish criminals when a crime is committed Activity Questions Please answer the following questions about your service experience (referred to in objective 4). These questions will not affect your score in this task Speedback. 31. Which category best describes where for

  • Can u be liable for giving wrong information in yahoo answers?

    For example , someone said that they were sick and told him that would be fine , but actually had a horrible disease that caused his death because they did nothing about it and thought they were fine. For example , I was watching Neighbours and this chick mechanic was the main person to blame because of a car accident because she said the safety car was checked. the guy in the car for a horse swerved and crashed into a tree killing a girl . I mean , come on, the cars . safe, but if a radical departure might actually lose control and hit a tree but , no, it was not his fault its mechanical failure . Also I was watching Law and Order and the mother of this was tried for murder because his son against measals vacinate and took your child to the park and an infected infant (too Younge to vacinate ) with measals and died . So , in theory , could I be charged with murder , or something similar , if someone told me that was healthy when he got all the symptoms of a deadly disease ?

  • Do u think ive got a case for professional neglagence or is there just no point dragging this out any more?

    my partner of nine years died in a hit and run accident three years ago and left me with 3 little children.I signed a solictior to seek compensation for a few months in continuous later.i discovered and reported to my lawyer all the information needed to help my cas I even finished the paperwork and contact the companies to find the necessary information as my lawyer was taking so long to do , so I was under a conditional fee agreement which means all my solictior disbursments had to ie pay for police and medical records and was paid after he won the case the money is taken out of my allowance to cover the bills , but I found myself still paying for some disbursments out of my own pocket . I recently found out the person driving the car that killed my partner was insured so now I have no case .. i moved my solictior three years to find the details that took two years even contact an insurance company .. i know the driver involved insurance issued false documents , but it certainly should not have taken three years for him to find out should it? more after it was discovered my solictior recommended me to sue the driver personally and I would have to find rates 1700 the courts have no right to me that I have free tuition remission.there in my eyes has been so many plants in my case I'm seriously considering sueing my lawyer what do u think I have a case ? ? ? ? thank u for taking the time to read thisxxxxxxxx

  • Child Abuse? Need Answers!?

    8 months ago my brother took his son to the emergency room for a head injury . He said he had no idea what happened to his son . His son was in my care with in 24 hours that this head injury happened , so it was an easy target for him to blame . When I arrived at the police hospital said it was like this baby was beaten on the head with a truncheon him . He has a fractured skull and someone did this . was no accident . after my boyfriend and his parents had been in the interrogation room for hours , we finally clarified . My brother was given a polygraph test and failed. Today was detained in an order not to appear in court in a case of child abuse. His position is child abuse and it has set any bail. How long do you look someone like this ? would remain in the Nevada County jail until a trial ? and after that , how long could look imprisonment ?

  • Can anyone who has been through this answer? please ?

    Okay, I'm in South Africa , east of London , to be exact , so if you've been through this personally or know much about the law please explain in detail what will happen. be greatly appreciated :) A friend of mine had an accident a few months ago , a car accident , hit another car while driving guys , it was an accident that's all he did in an attempt to kill him or anything dramatic , there were absolutely no injuries , but there was some damage to the car other guys , anyway now the other opened a case against my friend, a police report has been filed and now has to go to court in a few days , my friend is so stressed , he thinks he's going to jail , can you go to jail ? What exactly will happen when you go to court ? Please someone who knows what they are talking about answer this, oh and if you know any website that you can go to laws of South Africa or something that can explain this more clearly , it would be very useful , thank you and my friend has the safe in your car , What is a 3rd party insurance ?